Tasmania - Launceston - Airport, Australia

Pick-up type:

Terminal rental counter and pick-up

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Opening Hours
Sun09:00 - 21:00
Mon09:00 - 21:00
Tue09:00 - 21:00
Wed09:00 - 21:00
Thu09:00 - 21:00
Fri09:00 - 21:00
Sat09:00 - 21:00

Special equipment/optional extras:-

GPS: 19.8 AUD per day. Maximum 118.8 AUD. (Excludes tax); Excess 363 AUD; On request Infant child seat: 77 AUD (Excludes tax); Excess 275 AUD; On request Child toddler seat: 77 AUD (Excludes tax); Excess 275 AUD; On request Booster seat: 44 AUD (Excludes tax); Excess 165 AUD; On request Special equipment/optional extras may be requested at the time of booking, but they are not included in the rental price. They are paid in the local currency at the rental desk.

Useful Information

Driver's age

25 to 99 years.

Young driver's age: 21 to 24 years. Charge 23.5 AUD per day. (Excludes tax)

Customers who fall outside the age limitations will not be able to hire a car unless there is a young or senior driver fee specified in this section. Please note that if applicable, this fee will be included in the rental price and will be payable on arrival at the rental desk in the local currency.

Travel Restrictions

Vehicles can only be driven in Australia. The renter or authorised driver must only use the rental vehicle on a road which is properly formed and constructed as a sealed, metalled or gravel road.


On beaches, through streams, rivers or flood waters;

On fire trails;

In the snow;

To enter in to, or leave, the Northern Territory, Western Australia or Tasmania;

Or Outside the Permitted Area of Use, listed below.

WHERE YOU CANNOT DRIVE THE VEHICLE (Outside the Permitted Area of Use):

In Queensland:

- The Old Telegraph Track section of the road to Cape York,

- Boggy Hole (Finke Gorge National Park);

- the Old South Road from Maryvale to Finke;

- Fraser Island at any time;

- The Bloomfield Track north of Cape Tribulation

- Beyond Cooktown to the north or Lakeland to the west

- On Highway No.27 beyond Chillagoe in a westerly direction

- On Highway No.1 beyond Normanton in a southerly direction and no further north than Karumba

In the Northern Territory:

- The road to Jim Jim Gorge and Twin Falls

- North of the Oodnadatta Track, including Mount Dare, Dalhousie Springs, Witjira National Park and Pedirka Desert.

- Arnhem Road and Arnhem Land/Gove Peninsula in general.

In Western Australia:

- Vehicles hired from Perth branches, does not include travel further north or East than Exmouth; further east than Kalgoorlie-Boulder Township or further east than Esperance.

- Non-4WD vehicles hired from any other Western Australia location are not permitted to leave the local area without written consent from the hiring location.